Delicious Burnt Coconut Cake


Delicious Burnt Coconut Cake

If you want to celebrate a very special day, what better than a Mother’s Day! Know that you don’t have to spend a lot or think of fancy ideas to honor those who care so much for us.

We know that hearty and tasty breakfasts always happen, but have you ever thought that some special breakfast recipes can be the perfect gift?

Preparing this surprise doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are practical recipe ideas that you can prepare and show your affection through simple homemade dishes.

Bet on these 9 recipes for a special breakfast that the Kitchen Guide has prepared for you!

Ingredients :

•4 eggs

•2 cups of tea

•1/2 cup (tea) butter

•1 cup (tea) milk

•1 and 1/2 cup (tea) wheat flour

•1 cup potato starch (tea)

•1 tablespoon yeast powder

•Margarine and wheat flour for greasing

Syrup :

•100 g of grated coconut

•1 and 1/2 cup tea (condensed milk)

•1 cup (tea) coconut milk

Preparation :

➔Place the eggs, sugar and beat on medium speed for 10 minutes or until doubled in volume. Add the butter and whisk until soft. Add the milk, little by little, alternating with the sifted flour and the starch. the blender and mix the yeast with a spoon.

➔Pour the dough into a medium, greased and floured pan, and place in the preheated, medium oven for 40 minutes or until a toothpick sticks out, coming out clean. Let it warm and unmold. For the syrup, place the coconut in a large skillet over low heat, stirring until lightly browned.

➔Transfer to a saucepan, add condensed milk and coconut milk. Bring to a simmer and cook, stirring for 3 minutes. boiling began. Turn off and sprinkle the cake with the syrup while still hot. Let it cool and serve.

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