Berry Banana Split Recipe


Berry Banana Split Recipe

Banana Split Breakfast – Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? How about a banana split? for breakfast? YOU BET! Make this healthy, “clean” version in about 5 minutes. and treat yourself guilt-free.

Add some hot fudge and some chopped peanuts, and you have a Banana Berry Split!

Sometimes it’s all about the presentation… just change things up a bit to make something feel “new” and “special”. For example, today’s healthy banana breakfast!

The healthy ingredients, like cottage cheese (or yogurt), fresh fruit, and nuts that make up this banana split might already be part of your breakfast routine, but when you dress them up in a fun bowl of banana split, they look so decadent!


Ingredients :

•Bananas 2 pieces

•Berry jam 2 tablespoons

•Soft cottage cheese or Greek yogurt 220g

•Fresh berries to taste

•Muesli 1 tsp.

•Nuts 1 tsp.

Preparation :

STEP 1․ ➔ Peel and cut the bananas lengthwise in half. Put some jam on a plate.

STEP 2․ ➔ Place the banana halves in a boat shape on top of the jam, place the cottage cheese in the middle.

STEP 3․ ➔ Sprinkle everything with fresh berries, muesli and nuts.

This dessert is quickly repaired, in just 5 minutes! Let your appetite dictate the amount of this treat – 2 if you and a friend are starving or 4 if you’re in the mood to share with the gang. Either way, this banana split is good for berries!

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