Moroccan Bread (Bouchiar)


Moroccan Bread (Bouchiar)

Bouchiar, Chiar an Amazigh culinary term used in the Moroccan Middle Atlas which designates a thin pancake, this ultra soft and light Berber bread halfway between Msemen (Melloui) and Moroccan Batbout apparently.

There is the same variant of Algerian bread (matlouh ), prepared with a mixture of wheat flour and extra fine wheat semolina, baker’s yeast and water, soaked in oil and semolina then cooked in a hot pan.

Bouchiar is excellent for breakfast accompanied by mint tea or coffee with milk, it’s a delight! Due to its ease, simplicity and speed of preparation, it is super good and addictive, watch out for those who are on a diet!



•8 ½ cup flour(1,1kg)

•1.7 cup of warm water 400 ml

•1.7 cup of yogurt 400ml

•1 tsp salt

•1 pack dry instant yeast 10 g

•3 tbsp vegetable oil

•½ cups butter 60 g



➔Stir in flour, yeast, yogurt, salt and water. When you have obtained a fine dough, coat it with oil, covered with transparency and leave the amount of dough in a dry and warm place.

➔After the dough comes in, oil your hands, separate the dough from the pan and divide it into eight balls, which are also kneaded and left to stand for 15 minutes.


➔Roll each dough ball into a circle and bake on a heated pan.

➔While the bread is warm, coat it with butter.

The dough of these pancakes is worked and sprinkled with water as you go and will become more and more flexible and smooth but sticky like donut dough.


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