Wheat grass And Grape Fat Mobilizer


Wheat grass And Grape Fat Mobilizer

A lot of people are raving about the health benefits of wheat grass, but how about its taste? What do wheat grass taste like? This is something I had to figure before jumping into the bandwagon of consuming wheat grass as a part of my healthy diet.

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This edible grass has been getting some massive bad reputation of tasting nasty.

If you have tried chewing some grass when you’re still a kid, then you may have an idea of what wheat grass actually taste like.

Since I’ve gotten curious about this wonderful grass, I’ve researched deeper and beyond its taste and discovered a few ways wherein you can reduce the unpleasant taste of wheat grass.

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•  1 cup wheat grass

•  ½ cup grapes

•   ½ cup water Pinch of black salt

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Chop the wheat grass and then toss into Nutribullet.

Add the grapes and water and give it a spin.

Pour the juice into a glass.

Use a sieve to strain the juice if you use a regular blender.

Add a pinch of black salt and stir well.

That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy ! ‘

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