Chocolate wafers with cream


Chocolate wafers with cream

Nabisco’s Chocolate Wafer Cake is a classic recipe that you might remember your grandma making when you were a kid. The recipe has been on the side of the Nabisco chocolate wafer box for 85 years! And yet, despite its notoriety, I had never tried this cake until friends brought it to my house 7-8 years ago.

Although this cake technically has more than two ingredients, as shown below, if you want the original two-ingredient version, just grab a jar of Cool Whip and assemble the cake.

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I fell for this cake from the first bite, and the three of us almost finished the whole cake.

(I admit I easily ate half the cake myself and maybe got a little queasy later on. Self-control, I’m still working on that.)


For the dough:

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4 pc eggs

1 cup (200 ml) powdered sugar

1 cup of flour

3 tbsp cocoa powder

1 packet of baking powder

1 packet of vanilla sugar

For the cream:

1 liter of milk

4 tbsp flour

4 tbsp potato or corn starch

1.5 cups of powdered sugar

2 pc eggs

100 g butter

1 packet of vanilla sugar

400 ml whipped cream

For the glaze:

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200 ml whipped cream

100 g milk chocolate


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Beat eggs and sugar until frothy and add sifted flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder in portions.

Place the dough on a baking sheet lined with baking paper (the larger the sheet, the lower the dough) and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

After baking, let cool on a rack.

For the cream, bring the milk, flour, starch, powdered sugar and eggs to a thick pudding. Remove from heat and stir with butter and vanilla sugar while still hot. Melt the butter and sugar in it while stirring. I stirred it with a hand mixer and the cream turned out nice and smooth. Let it get cold.

Finally, whip the cream until stiff and stir into the pudding with a whisk. Halve the cream.

Spread one part on the cake (cut off the edge), sprinkle the crumbled edges over it, distribute the rest of the cream. Smooth out and put in a cool place.

When the cream is really firm on the cake, the top is covered with a chocolate icing – to do this, heat the cream, add chocolate pieces and melt while stirring.

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