These Harcha semolina pancakes are great for snack time with tea or a cup of coffee.

This baked version is different from the pan-fried version, sweeter and more flavorful but just as good!

They will not clump together like croquet, cookies like croissants, and foam-style fillings.

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• 2 eggs

• A glass except a quarter of sugar (expressing a grape glass)

• Vanilla

• Acid Peels

• But a quarter glass of oil

• Vanilla flavoured yogurt

• A glass of cold milk

• A glass but a quarter coconut

• A cup of white flour

• A pinch of salt

• 1 teaspoon of instant yeast

• 16 grams of sweet yeast

• Four cups of thin semolina.

• For decoration semolina sugar coconut And the water of the flower

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Method of preparation

In a pot, we mix eggs, vanilla, salt, lemon peels, sugar, hand mixer, oil was added, yogurt, milk, instant yeast, coconut flour, chances are semolina, yeast, sweets, mix well, cover it with lunch plastic, and let it rest from 40 minutes to an hour according to semolina wash kosher B or No .

We take an equal amount of semolina sugar and coke in it, and paint my hands with flower water, and form large bowls.

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Mix them with a mixture of semolina, semolina and coke, and form them in a strange shape, put them in an oven tray, distance between them, and put them in a well hot oven, we turn them off the bottom, and leave only the top on and lower the degree .

The temperature is 180 degrees and we enter the Diyala tray and leave it Until it starts cracking.

we light the bottom and let it continue its goodness.

When we take it out of the oven, we cover it with a tissue to keep it moist.

When we want to keep it, we put it in a bowl of sugar, orange peel, or lemon, and we wish you health and wellness.


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