Blueberry Ice Cream


Blueberry Ice Cream

This blueberry ice cream will add a sweet ending to any meal.

It’s best to make the base and chill it overnight before processing in your ice cream maker.

Serve topped with fresh strawberries or raspberries.

Learn how to make quick and easy blueberry ice cream without an ice cream machine.

Only 4 ingredients and 15 minutes of work!!

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• 2 cups (480ml) heavy cream

• 1 cup (325g) sweetened condensed milk

• 9oz (255g) frozen blueberries

• 1/4 cup (50g) sugar

• 1 tbsp water

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In a medium size bowl place frozen blueberries, sugar and water.

Warp the bowl with plastic and put in microwave for 4-5 min.

blend the blueberries until smooth and Pour the mixture through a strainer.

Let cool to room temperature.

In a large mixing bowl whip cold heavy cream until stiff peaks.

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Gently fold the sweetened condensed milk until soft and smooth.

Fold in the blueberry mixture.

Transfer to a freezer container, freeze for at least 6 hours.

That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !

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