Butter Cake (Aka- Vanilla Cake)


BUTTER CAKE (Aka- Vanilla Cake)

This is my Golden Vanilla Cake 2.0. I renamed it Buttery Vanilla Yellow because that’s exactly what I wanted it to taste and feel.

My inspiration was really a boxed yellow cake. This was the cake I grew up eating mostly and associated with yellow cake.

I wanted to replicate this feathery texture, but give the cake the taste of homemade vanilla.

The key to fulfilling such a demanding demand was to focus on the mixing method. I went a combination of two ways.

The taste took some tweaking as I didn’t want an overly sweet cake but instead a yellow cake with more depth in flavour.

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The resulting cake is feathery when sliced, has a smooth “squishy” texture (in my daughter’s words), and a buttery, vanilla flavor enhanced by a little acidity from the curd.

This plain but delicious cake is one of the simplest cakes to prepare. It is preferred by many who want their cakes the old -fashioned way.

Butter cakes are easier to manage and could be enriched with milk, lemon and raisins


●500g Butter or margarine

●300g Sugar

●500g Flour

●10 eggs

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●1/2 teaspoons nutmeg (seed grated)

●1 teaspoon Vanilla or any other flavor of your choice

●1 Tablespoon baking powder

●1/4 cup milk


1.Grease your pans With butter and dust with flour

2. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy

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3.Beat eggs until frothy

4.Sift all dry ingredients together

5.Pour beaten eggs gradually into butter mixture, alternating with flour and beating well after each addition

6.Remember, folding is the process used for adding flour and other dry ingredients. Folding helps to avoid unnecessary over mixing that deflates your aerated air during creaming of the Butter

7. Add your desired flavour and milk

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8. Pour into your two 8″ 2″ pan and bake in a moderately preheated oven for about one hour or until done.

The cake is done when a skiwer comes out clean when inserted to the cake.

➤That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !

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