Fruit popsicles


Fruit popsicles

A refreshing breakfast smoothie with tangerines, bananas, mangoes or strawberries, yogurt, flaxseeds and other healthy ingredients frozen in popsicle molds! Yes, that’s what I say – enjoy breakfast – or a snack in the form of a sundae. How fun is that?

Kids will love to snack on ice cream. It definitely feels like a treat. Even better, you can enjoy one of these as breakfast – you’ll never miss the sugar and it’s loaded with healthy flax and protein-packed yogurt!

I like to use fresh citruses while they are in season, and Wonderful Halos are still juicy and ripe from November to May. For me, they are pure goodness and a fruity snack.

When I’m not snacking on these seedless little mandarins, I mix them into desserts or savory recipes.

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There is no added sugar in these pops. Some sweetener is from vanilla yogurt, but you can also replace it with regular yogurt and the sweet fruit will still sparkle.

As we approach the warmer months, frozen smoothies are a delicious and healthy spring and summer snack.

To make these fruity snacks, I simply mixed fresh and frozen fruit with flaxseeds (for fiber and heart-healthy omega-3s) and yogurt. You are literally making juice! easy!

I add some extra Halos slices to my freezer pop molds when I pour in the juice. This way, there are beautiful slices frozen on the edges of the pops and they are delicious to bite into.

You can freeze them in pops in almost any mold. I keep my classic molds on hand like this one




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Wash and peel off the fruit then cut them into a small sizes in a bowl put into a blender and blend pineapple, mango and banana with liquid milk and pour it in popsicle mold To make it colorful and beautiful blend the strawberry and separately and add it or any fruit of your choice.

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cover the popsicles mold and the put in the sticks put it into refrigerator overnight and enjoying it your kids will love it.

➤That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !

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