White Line Donuts (AKA Pillow Donuts)



They have been injected with cream and popular variations of this type are Boston Cream Donut or Long Johns. If you don’t enjoy cream, try the custard-stuffed muffins.

Make a yeast donut. The white ring is the result of the expansion of the donut that reacts with the heat of the oil, creating those lovely air pockets via yeast or chemical fermentation.

Don’t immerse in water, just flip it twice over the course of about two and a half minutes.

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I’ve never had that white streak on cakes, I’ve been experimenting with like hundreds but never this white streak on any of them.

I wonder what I did wrong. I feel the weight of my dough before frying, but I am sure that a light dough is one of the main requirements to achieve a white streak, but my dough never feels heavy.

I keep track of the exact measurements, weigh them with the scale, even the yeast, proofing time etc, the recipe maker posted several of them in this beautiful white font, so.

I guess I’m wrong. I knead the dough until it passes the window glass test, my yeast is fresh unopened, I live in a warm tropical country, but I tried proofing the dough in the oven to imitate this proofing box.

Please help, my cakes taste ok even very good, but brown lined cakes look dull and unprofessional when you plan to sell them. What did you do wrong? Here is the recipe


●500g Flour

●1 tablespoon Yeast

●100g Sugar

●1/2 teaspoon milk flavour

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●Pinch of Nutmeg (grounded)

●Pinch of salt

●1 table spoon of butter. (Melted)

●2 cups of lukewarm water (500ml)- adjustment consideration for good consistency


1. Proof yeast in a Small container and keep aside.

2. In a sizeable bowl, properly mix flour, salt, flavour, nutmeg, and sugar together very well.

3. Pour melted butter, and proofed yeast. Pour 500ml of lukewarm water to the flour mixture mix very well.

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knead them very well until very smooth and elastic as bread dough

Then cover the dough in air-tight container & allow to rise for 1 hour

4. After about an hour, cut dough into various sizes and mold with hand to have round disc. Allow to rise for about 30mins before frying.

5. Preheat the oil in a frying pan & start frying on a low heat, remove from the oil when it’s light brown in colour.

➤That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !

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