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Coconut Cake with 7 minute Frosting Recipe

Coconut lovers, are you ready to devour a slice (or more) of Grandmama’s homemade old-fashioned coconut cake?

This from-scratch cake with decadent (and no-fail) 7-minute icing is a favorite of our family for holidays and special occasions year-round.

I found it in an old box of papers that belonged to my grandmother.

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She had typed it out on a letterhead from the company where she worked and later came back, circled it, and wrote in “Real good”. After trying it for myself, I have to agree! When it comes to moist cakes, this is the mother of them all.

If a crumb drops from your fork, don’t be surprised if you find your finger chasing it around your plate – it’s just that good. I mean, a soft and fluffy interior coupled with coconut flavor is a match made in cake heaven.

Complete with no-fail seven-minute frosting and a sprinkling of coconut, prepare yourself for a southern coconut cake experience unlike any other!

One of the great things about Grandmama’s seven-minute frosting is that you don’t need a double boiler to make it. You can also forget fretting over whether or not the weather is dry enough – this comes out perfect every time regardless.

If you’re making a layer cake and you like generous amounts of frosting, I suggest doubling the frosting recipe.

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• 1-half c. sugar,

• 2 tablespoons corn syrup,

• 1/four c water,

• 6 egg whites,

• Teaspoon. vanilla

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In a heatproof bowl of an electric blender, mix all fixings (with the exception of vanilla) and spot bowl over a pot of stewing water.

Beat blend till it arrives at 160 territories the utilization of a moment study or sweet thermometer.

Transfer the combination bowl on your stand blender and, the utilization of the whisk connection, beat on high till firm, splendid pinnacles structure (around 6 minutes).

four. Blend withinside the vanilla. Put the cake on right away.

➤That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !

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