No Eggs, Easy Chocolate Cake


Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? It’s a classic dessert that is loved by many around the world. However, many recipes require eggs, which can be a problem for those with egg allergies or for those who choose not to consume them. Luckily, there are eggless chocolate cake recipes that are just as delicious and easy to make. In this article, we will share with you a recipe for an eggless, easy chocolate cake that will satisfy your sweet tooth.





▢1 1/2 cups (187 g) self-rising flour

▢1/2 cup (52 g) unsweetened cocoa powder

▢1 cup (195 g) granulated white sugar

▢1 1/3 cups (10.6 oz) whole milk


➔ To make this delicious Chocolate cake :


Step 1:

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line an 8 x 8 inch square baking pan with parchment paper.


Step 2:

In a large mixing bowl, add flour and cocoa powder.


Step 3:

Whisk until evenly combined. Add in sugar and whisk until combined.


Step 4:

Pour in milk and whisk until batter is smooth.



Step 5:

Pour batter into prepared cake pan.


Step 6:

Bake for about 30 minutes or until cake is done and toothpick inserted comes out clean.



➔ Tips:



1- If you don’t have unsweetened cocoa powder, you can use regular cocoa powder instead. Just reduce the amount of sugar by 1/4 cup.


2- You can also add chopped nuts or chocolate chips to the batter for extra texture and flavor.


3- This cake can be served plain or topped with whipped cream, frosting, or fresh fruit.



Nutrition Information:


This recipe yields 8 servings. The nutrition information below is based on one serving.


Calories: 269

Total Fat: 10g

Saturated Fat: 1g

Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 299mg

Total Carbohydrates: 42g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Sugar: 26g

Protein: 2g



➔ Conclusion:

This eggless, easy chocolate cake is a great alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to eat eggs. It’s moist, rich, and chocolatey, making it perfect for any occasion. Plus, it’s so easy to make that even beginners can give it a try. So, why not give this recipe a shot and enjoy a slice of delicious chocolate cake today?



➤That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !


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