Milk Magnum Ice Cream Bars

Delicious Homemade Milk Magnum Ice Cream Bars: A Perfect Summer Treat


When the sun’s rays beat down and the temperature soars, there’s nothing quite like indulging in a cold and creamy treat to beat the heat. Enter the Homemade Milk Magnum Ice Cream Bars – a delightful concoction that combines the rich flavors of milk chocolate with a velvety vanilla ice cream interior. This easy-to-follow recipe will have you creating these delectable frozen delights in no time.



250 grams of milk

2 egg yolks

40 gr of powdered milk

40 gr of condensed milk

40 grams of sugar

40 grams of white chocolate

250 grams of cream



1. At first we mix all the ingredients in a bowl except for the white chocolate for a few seconds until they are integrated; The 250 grams of Milk, the 2 Egg Yolks, the 40 grams of Powdered Milk, the 40 grams of Condensed Milk and the 40 grams of sugar

2. We take to the fire in a saucepan and while stirring over medium heat we leave it until it becomes a kind of custard

3. Remove from the heat, let cool and add the 40 grams of white chocolate, letting them melt.

4. We put in the fridge to cool well.

5. We mount the 250 grams Cream and mix with the previous cream.

6. Fill the molds and leave them in the freezer for at least 10 hours before consuming.


Pro Tips for Perfect Milk Magnum Ice Cream:


Whip the Cream Well: Ensure that the heavy cream is whipped to stiff peaks. This step is crucial for a creamy and smooth texture.

Balancing Sweetness: The sweetened condensed milk adds sweetness to the ice cream. Taste the mixture before freezing and adjust the sweetness by adding more if needed.

Flavor Variations: Experiment with different extracts like mint, almond, or coffee for unique flavors.

Chocolate Coating: Melt the chocolate in a microwave or using a double boiler. Dip the frozen ice cream pops into the melted chocolate, letting it set quickly. Sprinkle with chopped nuts if desired.


Storage Recommendations:


Once the chocolate coating is set, wrap each Magnum ice cream in plastic wrap or parchment paper.

Store the wrapped ice creams in an airtight container in the freezer. This prevents freezer burn and preserves the texture and flavor.

Magnum ice creams can be stored for up to 2-3 weeks in the freezer. However, for the best taste and texture, it’s recommended to consume them within the first week.




Creating your own Milk Magnum ice cream at home is a satisfying endeavor that allows you to customize flavors and enjoy a decadent treat. With our easy-to-follow recipe and pro tips, you can craft perfectly creamy ice creams that rival any store-bought variety. Remember to experiment with flavors, toppings, and coatings to truly make these treats your own. By following proper storage practices, you can savor the homemade goodness of your Milk Magnum ice creams whenever your heart desires. So, gather your ingredients, put on your apron, and embark on a journey of culinary delight that will leave you craving more!





That’s it, all you have to do is Enjoy !


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