Cucumber Bites with Herbed Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes


Delightful Cucumber Bites with Herbed Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes



In the world of appetizers, there’s an ever-growing demand for dishes that are not only delectable but also healthy and visually appealing. If you’re looking for a delightful and refreshing appetizer that checks all these boxes, then look no further than our recipe for Cucumber Bites with Herbed Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes. These bite-sized treats are a perfect blend of crisp cucumbers, creamy herbed cheese, and the burst of flavor from juicy cherry tomatoes. Whether you’re hosting a party, planning a picnic, or simply craving a light and satisfying snack, these cucumber bites are the answer.


Cucumbers, often celebrated for their hydrating properties, serve as the star of this dish. They provide a crisp and refreshing base for the flavorful toppings, making them an ideal canvas for a range of exciting flavors. The herbed cream cheese, with its creamy and tangy profile, adds a rich and decadent layer to each bite. To elevate the taste even further, we top these morsels with vibrant and sweet cherry tomatoes. The combination of these fresh ingredients creates a harmonious balance that’s sure to please your taste buds.


But that’s not all. These Cucumber Bites with Herbed Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes are not only delicious but also incredibly easy to prepare. Whether you’re an experienced chef or a novice in the kitchen, you can whip up this appetizer in no time, impressing your guests and satisfying your cravings effortlessly.


In this article, we will take you through the step-by-step process of crafting these delightful cucumber bites. We’ll also explore the ingredients, offering insights into their nutritional benefits and flavor profiles. So, let’s embark on a culinary journey that combines simplicity, freshness, and taste, resulting in a crowd-pleasing appetizer that will become a staple in your repertoire.



Ingredients you’ll need:


4 ounces of a brick cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup of ranch dressing

2 tablespoons fresh dill or thyme

3-4 long cucumbers, skinned and sliced into 1 inch slices

15 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

Salt to taste

Paprika or cajun spice mix to garnish


How to make it :


Step 1: To make the herbed cream cheese, mix the softened cream cheese with ranch dressing and herbs in a mixer. Mix them well until they are eve. Spoon the mixture into a piping bag with a star tip.


Step 2: Wash the cucumber, remove the peel, and using a fork, score the sides. Slice the cucumber into one inch pieces. Use a melon baller to remove a portion of the center of one side of the piece of the cucumber, leaving a half moon crater.


Step 3: The next step is to pipe the herb cream cheese into the crater, put enough in a way that it sticks out of the top about ½ inch.


Step 4: Add half of the cherry tomato which is partially buried into the herb cream cheese and sprinkle salt, herbs and spice mix for garnishing and colouring. Serve cold.


Pro Tips:


  • Choose firm, unblemished cucumbers for the best results. English cucumbers are ideal because they have fewer seeds and a thinner skin.
  • To make the cream cheese mixture even more flavorful, consider adding a pinch of lemon zest or a splash of lemon juice.
  • Use a piping bag or a zip-top bag with a corner snipped off to pipe the cream cheese mixture onto the cucumber rounds for a neater and more elegant presentation.
  • If you’re short on time, you can prepare the herbed cream cheese mixture in advance and refrigerate it until you’re ready to assemble the cucumber bites.


Nutrition Facts:


Serving Size: 4 cucumber bites

Calories: 120

Total Fat: 10g

Saturated Fat: 6g

Cholesterol: 30mg

Sodium: 130mg

Total Carbohydrates: 4g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Sugars: 2g

Protein: 3g

Vitamin D: 4%

Calcium: 4%

Iron: 2%

Potassium: 6%




Cucumber bites with herbed cream cheese and cherry tomato are a delightful combination of flavors and textures that make for a perfect appetizer or snack. With the freshness of cucumbers, the creamy richness of herbed cream cheese, and the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, these bites are a crowd-pleaser. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to prepare, making them a go-to option for any occasion.


Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply looking for a healthy and delicious treat, this recipe is a winner. With the pro tips provided, you can elevate this dish to impress your guests further. So, go ahead and add these cucumber bites to your culinary repertoire for a tasty and visually appealing option that will leave everyone asking for more. Enjoy!






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