Zucchini Enchilada Roll Ups


Zucchini Enchilada Roll Ups: A Healthy Twist on a Classic Mexican Favorite



Mexican cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors and comforting dishes, but it’s not always synonymous with health-conscious eating. Enter Zucchini Enchilada Roll Ups, a delightful fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and wholesome ingredients. These roll-ups are a testament to the creativity that can be achieved in the kitchen when you’re looking to enjoy the best of both worlds – delicious taste and nutritious choices.


The star ingredient in this recipe is zucchini, a versatile and low-calorie vegetable that takes center stage as a substitute for tortillas. By using zucchini as the outer layer instead of traditional corn or flour tortillas, we reduce the carb content while increasing the nutritional value of the dish. This means you can savor the flavors of enchiladas guilt-free, making it a perfect choice for those watching their carb intake or simply looking for a tasty way to incorporate more veggies into their diet.


Whether you’re a dedicated vegetarian, a health-conscious eater, or just a lover of all things Mexican cuisine, Zucchini Enchilada Roll Ups will have your taste buds dancing with delight. This recipe brings together the earthy flavors of zucchini, the richness of Mexican spices, and the creamy goodness of cheese to create a dish that’s satisfyingly indulgent yet surprisingly wholesome.


In this article, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of creating Zucchini Enchilada Roll Ups in the comfort of your own kitchen. You’ll discover that making this dish is not only easy but also incredibly rewarding, as each bite bursts with the authentic flavors of Mexico.


So, grab your apron and get ready to embark on a culinary journey that marries Mexican tradition with modern health-conscious choices. Whether you’re serving these roll-ups for a family dinner or a weekend gathering with friends, your guests are sure to be impressed by the ingenuity of this recipe. Let’s dive into the delicious world of Zucchini Enchilada Roll Ups.



Ingredients Needed :


For the Zucchini “Tortillas”:


4 large zucchinis, thinly sliced lengthwise (about 1/8-inch thick)

Olive oil for brushing

Salt and pepper to taste


For the Enchilada Filling:


2 cups cooked shredded chicken (rotisserie chicken works well)

1 cup black beans, drained and rinsed

1 cup corn kernels (fresh, frozen, or canned)

1 cup diced bell peppers (any color you prefer)

1 cup diced red onion

2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar, Monterey Jack, or a blend)

1 tablespoon chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste


For the Enchilada Sauce:


2 cups red enchilada sauce (store-bought or homemade)

1/2 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt (optional for added creaminess)


Toppings (Optional):


Chopped fresh cilantro

Sliced green onions

Sliced black olives

Diced tomatoes

Sliced jalapeños


Step-by-step directions :


1. Prepare the Zucchini “Tortillas”:


Preheat your grill or grill pan to medium-high heat. You can also use a broiler.

Brush both sides of the zucchini slices with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Grill the zucchini slices for about 1-2 minutes per side or until they become slightly tender and have grill marks. Set them aside.


2. Make the Enchilada Filling:


In a large mixing bowl, combine the shredded chicken, black beans, corn, diced bell peppers, diced red onion, 1 cup of shredded cheese, chili powder, ground cumin, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Mix well to evenly distribute the ingredients.


3. Assemble the Roll-Ups:


Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).

Pour 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce into the bottom of a baking dish and spread it evenly.

Lay a grilled zucchini slice on a clean surface and spoon a generous amount of the filling mixture onto one end. Roll it up tightly and place it seam-side down in the baking dish.

Repeat this process with the remaining zucchini slices and filling, arranging the roll-ups side by side in the dish.


4. Add the Enchilada Sauce:


Pour the remaining enchilada sauce over the zucchini roll-ups. If you want extra creaminess, you can drizzle the sour cream or Greek yogurt over the top as well.


5. Bake:


Sprinkle the remaining 1 cup of shredded cheese on top of the roll-ups.

Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and bake in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes, or until the roll-ups are heated through, and the cheese is melted and bubbly.


6. Garnish and Serve:


Remove the foil and garnish your Zucchini Enchilada Roll-Ups with chopped fresh cilantro, sliced green onions, sliced black olives, diced tomatoes, and sliced jalapeños if you like some heat.


Serve hot and enjoy!



Pro Tips:


If you prefer a spicier dish, add some diced jalapeños or red pepper flakes to the filling mixture.

  • For a vegetarian option, substitute ground meat with black beans, quinoa, or tofu.
  • To ensure your zucchini “tortillas” are pliable, briefly microwave them or steam for a minute before rolling.
  • Customize the cheese blend to your liking for a unique flavor profile.




  • Keto-Friendly: Replace black beans and corn with diced avocado and use a low-carb enchilada sauce.
  • Vegan: Swap meat and cheese for plant-based alternatives, like crumbled tempeh and dairy-free cheese.
  • Gluten-Free: Ensure your enchilada sauce and spices are gluten-free, and use corn tortillas or gluten-free flour tortillas if you prefer.
  • Seafood Twist: Add cooked shrimp or crab meat for a seafood-infused version.


Nutrition Facts (Per Serving, assuming 4 servings):


Calories: 410

Protein: 33g

Carbohydrates: 37g

Fiber: 11g

Sugars: 7g

Fat: 15g

Saturated Fat: 6g

Cholesterol: 80mg

Sodium: 910mg

Vitamin A: 15% DV

Vitamin C: 80% DV

Calcium: 35% DV

Iron: 25% DV




Zucchini Enchilada Roll-Ups are a fantastic way to enjoy the bold flavors of traditional enchiladas while embracing a healthier lifestyle. With endless customization options, you can cater these roll-ups to your dietary preferences. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or looking for a gluten-free or keto option, these roll-ups offer a delicious and satisfying meal. So, roll up your sleeves and roll out these zucchini enchiladas for a wholesome dining experience that’s sure to impress your taste buds and keep you coming back for more!





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